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Ralph Cochran RALPH COCHRAN                                                                           
Three months after Nanny passed away, my father-in-law, Ralph died.  Ralph had been diagnosed with melanoma years previous, but had since been in remission due to a successful trial therapy with the NIH Institute.  However, 30 years later the melanoma returned.

The day after Ralph's passing, my mother-in-law (Lynn) and I were sitting on the back porch in silence, just looking at the backyard.  Suddenly, before our very eyes, 2 of our 12 solar lights lit up with an incredible brilliance.
Neither one of us said a word for a few seconds because we were unsure if the other one was seeing the same thing.  Finally Lynn said, "Kathy, do you see what I am seeing?"  I replied "yes" and ran inside to get my digital camera, thinking all the while that the sight would be gone before I returned.  But it wasn't and I was able to take a few pictures through the screen on the porch.  Both Lynn and I believe this was Ralph & Craig saying "hello" to us.  It was their way of letting us know they are together.

Ralph and Craig as stars