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The "Until We're Together Again" Sorrento Butterfly Music Box

(shown in Walnut)

I am pleased to announce that Nidec Sankyo Shoji Corporation has created their exquisite Orpheus 30-Note musical movement of the chorus for the song "Until We're Together Again."

A limited number of 60 movements have been made.

If you are interested in ordering a music box with the song "Until We're Together Again" in honor of your loved one, please email me so we can set up a phone appointment to discuss your options.

Each box will be personally assembled by the Music House Shop.

The box is hand-made in the village of Sorrento, Italy by artisans trained in the ancient art of wood inlay.  Each gorgeous wood music box is an heirloom gift to be treasured for a lifetime.  The intricate design is painstakingly cut from stained woods and inlaid in an elaborate motif of butterflies and ladybugs, surrounded by an inlaid border and polished to a glossy finish.  The inside of the box is lined in velvet.

Size Shown: 10.25" L x 6.00" W x 2.75" H. Other sizes are available.

Color shown: Walnut

Color Choices:
Please email orders@spiritlyric.com to verify availability
before ordering
*Please note, music boxes are made to order and will ship via UPS Ground within
2 weeks of receipt of order.






Special thanks to Tony Ciuffini, owner of Musical Specialties, who passed away on 6/13/17. Tony was instrumental in arranging the manufacturing of the movements through Sankyo and was responsible for personally assembling a number of these custom-made music boxes which have brought comfort to numerous people around the world.

Thank you for everything Tony. Fly high and free, my friend.

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